Amidst the hustle and bustle of our technology-driven world, do you ever find it challenging to maintain a focus on Christ within your faith and family life?

If you answered YES! as it's quite common to feel challenged in maintaining a focus on Christ amidst our fast-paced, technology-driven lives. Help is here! Upgrading to Lifetime Access of the Vibrant Home Life Summit allows you to discover the answers, guidance, and support you need to cultivate a deeper and more meaningful connection to God within your faith and family life.

This Summit Is For You If...

  • You're looking to deepen your faith and build a stronger foundation for your family.

  • You're committed to growing as a Christian and contributing to your family's spiritual well-being.

  • You're passionate about raising your children from a biblical perspective.

Sessions from fellow Christians walking in the footsteps of Christ, called to help you do the same!

43 Session Covering

-Building Biblical Foundations

-Discipleship in Daily Life: Community and Fellowship

-Nurturing Strong Marriages

-Embracing Biblical Parenting

-Enhancing Education

Lifetime Access Includes

  • Summit Playbook

    $50 value

    We have compiled this handy little Summit Playbook as a quick-reference resource containing helpful information about each of the workshops this week. For each session, you'll find a summary of the workshop, a short bio of the speaker, an outline of their presentation content, thought-questions, and some key takeaways for practical application. Our hope is that this Summit Playbook will help you maximize your learning, actively participate in the workshops, and refer back to what you learned later so that it will continue to bless your family long after the event!

  • Lifetime Access to All Workshops With One Year Podcast Access

    $150 value

    Access to the private podcast provides you with convenient on-demand playback of all the insightful Summit workshops so you can absorb the valuable information anytime, anywhere. Listen while you're cooking, cleaning, driving, working out, or working on other projects. With Lifetime Access, you can revisit your favorite workshops or catch up on any you missed long after the Summit concludes, allowing you to fully utilize this wealth of helpful advice, encouragement, and inspiration again and again.

  • VIP Package

    $500 value

    The exclusive VIP Package provides you with speaker cheat sheets for easy workshop review, plus VIP bonus products from the speakers and sponsors to help you fully implement their advice. With these detailed speaker notes and practical bonus items, the VIP Package gives you the tools to readily apply what you learn for a more vibrant home life.

We want to thank our Sponsors!!

Their generosity brought you this summit!! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors for their generous support, which has made the Vibrant Home Life Summit possible, enriching the lives of countless families with inspiration and valuable resources. FREE TICKETS are made possible by the generosity of these sponsors.